Sandstone is the most commonly known sedimentary rocks

Sandstone is the most commonly known sedimentary rocks. It virtually forms anywhere – near waters or in deserts. Famous Sandstone deposits are the Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona, the Grand Canyon in Colorado, and the Navajo Sandstone which stretches from Arizona all the way to Utah.

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As its name suggests, sandstone is made of sand. It is commonly composed of quartz and feldspar – two most common materials which can be found on the Earth’s crust.

Sandstone is ideal for building foundations and outdoor construction because of its high durability and weather resistance. It is also ideal for fire places because sandstone is highly temper resistant – it can stand the extreme heat of flames and the freezing cold of winter. It is recommended though to apply sealant on the sandstone’s surface to avoid moisture permeating the sandstone causing unwanted stains. Sealer should be applied at least every two years.