Marble Cleaning Floor Miami

Basically, for many house owners, cleaning marbles at home is such tedious task. If some parts of your home are designed with beautiful natural stones, then it is an investment. However, this comes along with responsibility. Countertops, bathroom, walls and floors installed with marbles should be properly maintained and cared. As the house owner, it is very important for you to know about the ways on how to clean marble floors properly.

Black Granite

Cleaning the marbles in a regular basis is actually the easiest way to keep the marbles clean and beautiful. Do not use vinegar or any cleaning chemical with acid content because it can damage the marble surface. You need to be very careful especially with the surface of the marbles because it is not hard enough.

This kind of stone is porous hence can get damages easily especially when it is expose to acid. Wrong cleaning solution could etch the surface of the beautiful marble. Therefore, since marble is a very sensitive stone, it must be cleaned with a safe, mild, gentle and a pH neutral cleansers. You can ask for help if you are confuse with what kind of cleaning product is suitable for your marble type. When you choose to use some commercial product, be sure to use it accordingly and follow the instructions guide attached to it.

Regular cleaning is important to protect your marbles from damages. According to some professional companies, the best method in cleaning dull marbles is basically to make use of a terry cloth. Wipe the terry cloth to remove any debris. Wet a clean cloth with lukewarm water. Using scrub is very rare, scrub could scratch the shiny and smooth surface of marbles. You can use dishwashing liquid solution diluted in some parts of water but this is only recommended at least once or twice a year, depending on the soil type.

It is true that sometimes bas things could happen like liquid spills. Though we did all our effort just to maintain the beauty of our marbles, our marble will end up stained and dirty. In case serious damages are occurring on the marble, is best to contact a professional marble restoration company and let them do the work.

Trusting the experts will surely save your time and effort. Though could be costly but the guarantee of their work is something priceless. They can give you complete satisfaction and free of mind when it comes to marble restoration.