Marble Floor Polishing Miami

Marble is a beautiful natural stone thus it can make your floors at home gleaming and stunning like nothing else. But, the marble are prone to damages and could become dull without proper cleaning and maintenance. By simply polishing tired marble surfaces can bring back the natural shine and look of dull marble. Marble Floor Polishing can restore shine to a tired surface, or even convert a Matt or honed surface into a high-gloss finish, to make the most of this beautiful stone. Marble is a porous stone hence it is easy for the stone to be damaged. This type of stone requires special care and treatment. However, marble cleaning should be done carefully and should follow correct instructions. On the other hand, professional marble restoration is highly recommended for severe marble damages such as cracks and missing pieces of the stone.

Some reasons why you should seek professional marble cleaning or marble polishing are the following:

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  1. The surfaces of the marbles are deeply scratched.
  2. Etch marks are dull.
  3. Clear, visible and stubborn traffics.
  4. Do-it-yourself marble cleaning is not anymore.

These circumstances are enough to contact a professional marble polishing company. They are qualified and able to restore the natural shine of dull marbles. The process or level of marble polishing may well depend how serious are the damages. In order to treat light damages, a good chemical polishing product might be sufficient. Nevertheless, diamond polishing technique is required if the marble has been seriously scratched.

Yes, diamond polishing uses real diamonds and grinding pad. Normally, this procedure could have been enough to get the dirt deep within the pores of the marble stone. Right after this procedure, the marble must be stayed protected in order to achieve high gloss and shine.

For treating minor scratches and etch on marbles at home, you can use a good product for marble cleaning and polishing. Avoid using acid base solutions like a vinegar. Acid can strongly damage the marbles. Any mild and gentle liquid dish washing can be used in cleaning the marbles but apply it only once a month.

As the house owner, protect your marbles from harmful substances like spills from coffee, tea, juice, and sodas. Clean the marble in a regular basis using the most appropriate product for your marble type. In case, you do not know how to handle marble damages, simply Call : 305-731-2242 for a professional assistance.