Marble Care Tip

Today, due to our latest technologies, you can actually find a lot of materials that you can use to design your home. These materials add beauty to any part in your home. But even during the ancient times, marble is one of the most popular stone that many uses for their walls and floors. Generally, marble is a kind of natural stone which is actually a non-foliated rock. This kind of stone is mostly installed on floors, countertops and walls. However, marble is a very delicate stone hence, it can be scratched and damaged easily. Taking care of marbles is not an easy job. But the god news is that, there are easy techniques that you can do to take care of your precious marbles at home. In order to keep marbles beautiful and shiny, you need to clean them properly and accordingly. But big damages, must be handled professionally by the mold removal restoration company. The following are some tips on how you can maintain the marbles at home beautiful and attractive.


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    1.  First, you need to seal the marbles. Use a specialized marble sealant product in sealing your marbles at home. Seal the entire surface of the marbles. Apply an ample amount of the sealant product to the marble surface. Make use of the product and make sure to follow the instructions. But, sealing the marbles is basically advisable only once a year. You can hire the professionals if you think you need to seal your marbles at home.

   2. Protect your marbles from any possible scratches and damages. Your marbles are prone to damages each day especially if your home is open for visitors and people most of the time. To avoid or minimize dirt and dust especially on the marble floors, place some doormats on the entrances in your home. It is very important to keep your marble clean and free from any form of dirt and substances because it might damage the floor. You can sweep the floor or better yet use a fine and soft dust mop.

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   3. You can also make use of a wet cloth or rug in cleaning marbles. Soak the rug to a liquid solution diluted to water. Just keep on wiping the marble floor and change the solution if needed. Clean any liquid spills right away to avoid permanent stains and damages on marbles.

   4. But sometimes, cleaning the marbles may not be enough to achieve the top-shine you want. After cleaning you need to polish the marbles with the use of any polishing product. Choose a marble polishing product with tin oxide content. This specific content can restore dull marbles thus bringing back its natural shine just like the first day it was installed.


Last but not the least, hire the professionals if you think your marbles are experiencing big issues.